SeedBox Features

Why choose Dentoo Seedboxes?

Our clients choose us because of our top quality servers, awesome speeds and excellent support.

  • Incredible speeds!
  • 1000 mbit up and 1000 mbit down
  • Reliable servers. Any issues are fixed immediately!
  • FTP directly to your folder encrypted for your safety
  • Download via FTP, https or watch directly in your browser
  • Upload Torrents via URL or File Upload
  • Start, Stop, and Delete Torrents with a click
  • Advanced Torrent start options (encryption, ports, speeds, etc.)
  • Download Torrents files with a click
  • View Download Progress of all torrents at a glance
  • View drive space at a glance
  • Auto download included
  • Built-in User management and Security
  • 4 torrent clients included
  • Themes (selectable per user)
  • Detailed User Administration
  • Clearly displayed remaining GB's and torrents
  • Cookie support at the user level for private trackers
  • Maketorrent -- supports making torrents
  • Language Support

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We Accept Bitcoin Payments

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